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B & B Specialties, LLC
14234 Cleveland Road
Granger, IN 46530
Ph/Fax: 574-277-0499

Engine Accessories  
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   BB Power Ram
   Walbro Metal Gas Inlet Fitting
   BB Kill Switch & Coil Terminal Connectors
   High Quality Starter Bearing Grease
   Coil Plug Lead Wire 5mm
   Coil Plug Lead Wire 7mm
   Gasket Eliminator
   Points Eliminator
   BB Carb. Adjustment Tool
   Carb Dia. Kit Q-35-42-52 US-41 Sachs 2 2.4 3.2 G23-26-38
   Carb. Dia. Kit G-38 Early
   Carb Dia. Kit G45-62 Fuji 50-64-86T
   Carb. Dia. Kit Sachs 4.2-5.8, Q-75, GT-80
   Complete Carb Rebuild Kit
   BB Q100 Mount
   BB Engines Mount - Q35-50-52
   BB Engines Mount - G-38 ZP-38
   BB Engines Mount - Q42-US 41
   BB Engines Mount - G-45 ZP-45
   BB Engines Mount - G-62 ZP-62
   BB G-62 Thin Carburetor Mount
   BB Fuji-86 Twin Mount
   Spark Plugs - RCJ7Y for Most Enginess
   Spark Plugs - RCJ4 for Zenoah G-23
   Spark Plugs - RZ7C for New G-26
   Spark Plugs - Y82 for New G-20, ZP 20-26
   Spark Plug Wrench - #1 RCJ7Y RCJ4
   Spark Plug Wrench - #2 RZ7C
   Spark Plug Wrench - #3 Y82 RZ7C
   BB Replacement Spring US 41 only
   BB Replacement Spring G-38
   BB Replacement Spring Q 35-42
   BB Replacement Spring Q 52 only
   BB Replacement Spring G-45 62
   BB Q65-75 Mount
   BB Spring Starter G38
   BB Spring Starter US35-41 - 1/2'' shaft
   BB Spring Starters Q35-42 - 10mm shaft
   BB Spring Starter G45
   BB Spring Starter Q52
   BB Spring Starter G62
   BB E-Z Throttle Linkage Kit - G20-23-26
   BB E-Z Throttle Linkage Kit - G38 Early
   BB Zenoah G-38 Choke & Throttle Linkage Kit
   BB E-Z Throttle Linkage Kit - G38 Late
   BB E-Z Throttle Linkage Kit - Q35 42
   BB E-Z Throttle Linkage Kit - G45
   BB E-Z Throttle Linkage Kit - G62
   BB Zenoah G-62 Choke & Throttle Linkage Kit