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B & B Specialties, LLC
14234 Cleveland Road
Granger, IN 46530
Ph/Fax: 574-277-0499

Carburetors and Parts  
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   Carb Dia. Kit Q-35-42-52 US-41 Sachs 2 2.4 3.2 G23-26-38
   Carb. Dia. Kit G-38 Early
   Carb Dia. Kit G45-62 Fuji 50-64-86T
   Carb. Dia. Kit Sachs 4.2-5.8, Q-75, GT-80
   Complete Carb Rebuild Kit
   BB Power Ram
   Walbro Metal Gas Inlet Fitting
   G26 Standard Block
   G26 Block Gasket
   G26 Carburetor Gasket
   G26 EZ Link
   G38 Block Standard
   G38 Block Gasket
   G38 Carburetor Gasket
   G38 EZ Link
   G45 Block
   G45 Block Gasket
   G45 Carburetor Gasket
   G45 EZ Link
   G62 Block Standard
   G62 Block Gasket
   G62 Carburetor Gasket
   G62 Easy Link
   G-62 Thin Carburetor Mount
   Quadra 35-42 US-41 Carb Block
   Quadra 35-42 US-41 Block Gasket
   Quadra 35-42 US-41 Carb Gasket
   Quadra 50-52 Carb Block
   Quadra 50-52 Block Gasket
   Quadra 50-52 Carb Gasket
   BB Carb. Adjustment Tool